Parent Resources

We listed information below that will help you with various aspects of life at Wyndham Christian College. 

COMPASS is our online school information system and acts as the primary means of communication between the College and home.

Once a child commences at WCC, parents will be able to log into the Parent Portal on COMPASS This will allow access to information such as:

  • Student attendance
  • Work tasks and results
  • Current College news and events
  • The College calendar and bookings for parent/teacher interviews


The Parent Portal is also the primary means by which the College office sends emails home to parents. COMPASS can be accessed on smartphones or tablets via the COMPASS School Manager App which can be downloaded from the App Store / Google Play Store once the Parent Portal is established.

The College encourages Parents-Teacher communication. Families are asked to maintain a positive and open relationship with the College ensuring interactions with staff are appropriate.

Communication can occur via the following ways:

  • By Email: Please go to Compass for the class teachers email address.
  • By Telephone: This can be difficult as teaching staff are not readily accessible as they are teaching. In most cases the office staff will take a message and the teacher will return your call.
  • By SeeSaw: Parents can contact teachers directly via the SeeSaw app.

Students are to bring to school each day:

  • a drink bottle with water
  •  a piece of fruit or vegetable for ‘fruit break’
  • food for recess (light snack for first break)
  • lunch in a named lunch box to be kept in their school bags.


Please note that Lunch and a fruit for fruit break will be eaten inside. As part of our commitment to sustainability and conservation we are a ‘nude food’ school. This means we strongly encourage the use of lunch boxes and the avoidance of disposable packaging wherever possible.

The College has strict guidelines for the management of mobile phone usage by students. Mobile phones are not necessary during the school hours and will be confiscated for a period of time if a student is found in possession of a phone. Phones must be dropped off at the College reception upon arrival to school and can be collected at the end of the day. Electronic devices and mobile phones are not permitted on excursions or camps.

The newsletter is sent to all families each fortnight via Compass. The newsletter includes a greeting from a College leader, important dates and upcoming events and showcases student work.

Students are welcome to ride their bicycles to school but must use the approved routes when on the College grounds. Students may only push their bikes when inside the school grounds. During the day, bicycles must be kept in the bicycle bay and will remain there until home time. Bicycles should be secured with a bicycle lock. Government approved helmets must be worn whilst riding any form of wheeled transport to and from the College.


Start date

Finish date

Term 1

Monday 30 January

Thursday 6 April

Term 2

Wednesday 26 April

Friday 23 June

Term 3

Wednesday 12 July

Friday 15 September

Term 4

Monday 2 October

Friday 8 December

The College timetable will vary depending on the class that a student belongs to. Class teachers will release the class timetable at the start of each semester. Students will be required to wear the formula College uniform or the Sports uniform on specified days.

Prep students commence their day at 8:45am and conclude at 3.15pm.

Year 1 & 2 conclude at 3:15pm.

Year 3-6 students finish at 3:25pm.

Parents/guardians who bring their child/ren to school and or collect them by car are requested to pay particular attention to our car park rules including speed signs and directional signs.

Parents/guardians are advised to ensure that all students are supervised when walking through the car park to ensure the children are always safe.

Cars are to be parked in the parking bays only. The College car park has a number of parallel bays for quick ‘drop off and pick up’. Parents must stay in their vehicles if using these bays. Cars should not occupy this car space for more than 3 mins.

The uniform promotes pride in the school and an increase in student self-esteem as well as a sense of belonging. The uniform is attractive, long wearing and eliminates competitiveness in dress. The wearing of the uniform at Wyndham Christian College is compulsory.

Parents/guardians of Primary students are asked to ensure that the uniform is worn correctly. Secondary students must take responsibility for this for themselves. If a student is in breach of the uniform requirements they may be excluded from attendance at College events or from participating in excursions. Wearing the correct uniform while on excursions is a matter of safety as it makes student easy to identify while in public.

Terms 1 and 4 are the official Summer uniform terms, and Terms 2 and 3 are the official Winter uniform terms. There is a two week cross-over at the beginning of Term 2 and 4, where students may wear winter or summer uniforms.

All students must wear the official sports uniform as specified when participating in PE/Sports classes and sporting events. When a student is representing the College in an external sporting event, students will be supplied with a competition uniform specified by the College i.e. cricket whites, basketball or netball uniform etc.

The College navy waterproof jacket is the only approved jacket to be worn in the colder weather. This can be worn all year around.

The official College school bag is a uniform requirement and students must have this bag. No other school/sports bags are permitted.

Swimwear must be a one-piece, modest cut of any colour for girls. Boys can wear speedo style or board shorts of any colour. Rash vests can be worn if desired.

Uniforms must be purchased from Rushfords schoolwear. Purchasing from an alternative supplier is not recommended as items are not the same colour or design and detract from our uniform as they stand out at school, on excursions and during school photos.


Monday – Friday 9am – 5.00pm | Saturday 9am – 1.00pm

DETAILS: Shop 1 / 13 Barnes Place Werribee VIC 3030
Phone: 9741 3211
Email: rushfords@noone.com.au

2020 Uniform Price List

All learning resources such as books, stationary, incursions and excursions are covered by the Resource Levy paid each year. The College provides all primary students with access to an electronic device, this device is for use at school only.

Secondary students are required to purchase a specified device from the College.

Additional expenses not included within the resources levy include the Grade 3-6 camps, all Secondary camps and training costs for our sports development programs.

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