Secondary Commencing 2022

Wyndham Christian College will commence Year 7 in 2022. One Year 7 class will be offered in our first year.

Building Projects

We will have a brand-new Secondary building in 2022 complete with a the following;

  • Food Technology Centre,
  • Science labs,
  • Music & Art facilities; and
  • General Purpose classrooms.

Additional undercover Basketball Courts and Sporting Fields will be used for Physical Education and Sport classes, as well as for training for competitive sports such as Basketball, Soccer and Cricket.


Middle School

In Year 7, students can choose from two languages, Hindi and French. There is a possibility that a third language will be offered. The study of language will be compulsory until the end of Year 9.

Our subject offerings will be based on our belief that students benefit from participating in a wide range of learning opportunities. Student will undertake core subjects including English, Maths, Humanities, Science, Physical Education, Sport, Music, Performing Arts, Art, Christian Studies, Food Technology, Health, LOTE, Digital and Design Technologies.

As student move into Year 9, the curriculum will provide more opportunities for choice. This is important as students begin to learn about their unique gifts and talents and start making decisions about VCE studies and university courses.

Students who perform well in Year 9 will be invited to accelerate their studies and commence study for one or more VCE units in Year 10.

Wymdham Christian College will be a VCE school and will seek to provide flexible learning options for those interested in studying VET units.

Our current NAPLAN results are above standard, we are confident our 2027 cohort will produce excellent VCE results.


The VCE is a well recognised and valuable acknowledgement of achievement for Victorian students. Successful completion of the VCE provides students with an opportunity to seek direct access to tertiary institutions as well as providing information to employers about a range of skills that students possess, including such things as an ability to cope with a range of complex tasks, meet deadlines, work independently and interdependently and to learn and be able to apply knowledge and skills to various

Although VCE can come across as daunting, Wyndham Christian College will be committed to helping and supporting your child achieve their best in the future

Year 7 Starting 2022

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