From the Head of Campus

Term 3 and looking ahead!
Greetings! I think we can all agree it has been another very unusual term!

Enrolment interviews are continuing to occur on Zoom, it is very different but thankfully it still works very well. Having a quieter campus has also provided me with some much-needed time to plan for Year 7 in 2022. The uniforms have now been finalised and samples will arrive as soon as the factory can reopen.

Very shortly you will see some new advertising out the front of the College, we are grateful for our student models who joined us for a photo-shoot!

Now that our Stage 1A building is complete, our focus will now be on Stage 1B. This building project will provide the College with four additional classrooms, a science lab, music room, art room and food technology wing. This will be an exciting edition and we are all looking forward to using this space in the future.

Further development has been happening in the library space. Just before the most recent lockdown we shifted our library into a much larger location. It has since been filled with bright new library furniture, shelving and books.

We are also launching a Wyndham Christian College Book Drive to attain exciting and engaging new books for our children to enjoy from Term 4. College families will have the opportunity to browse through our Wyndham Christian College Amazon Wish List and select some books to donate to the College. The details will be communicated via Compass Newsfeed shortly for you to access, books can be purchased until Friday 17th September. Once you have purchased a special book or books, we would like you to follow the steps so we can dedicate those books accordingly with a sticker inside the front cover from your child/family. We really hope that all of our families can jump on board with this initiative.

We are grateful for your continuous support of the College and look forward to school resuming normally some time in the near future.

We want you to know that we pray for you all daily, please stay safe, we miss you and we will see you all soon.

Warm Regards,

Jennifer Trodden

Head of Campus

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