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At Wyndham Christian College we understand the importance of students developing content mastery but also emphasise the obtainment of ‘soft skills’, such as leadership, teamwork, communication skills, work ethic, adaptability, and interpersonal interactions. To thrive in this changing world, students must learn to apply their knowledge and skills to new and changing situations by thinking creatively and deeply to solve complex problems.

Wyndham is committed to quality teaching, knowing this directly impacts student learning. We take the time to learn about every child and to tailor our teaching to extend or support them. Our teachers understand the power of positive student-teacher and the impact that these relationships have upon academic performance and student wellbeing. Our behaviour management strategies are focused on prevention, and restorative practice where students expectations are clearly known and students must accept responsibility and consequences.


Throughout the learning journey, it is our priority to help students identify and develop their God given gifts and talents so that they may reach their full potential. Each day they are challenged to grow as a whole person focusing on academic, emotional, spiritual, physical and social formation so that they can make a positive contribution to society.


Our community plays an active role in supporting their children’s learning. Families are encouraged to engage in the life of the College by volunteering their time in the classroom, working with teachers to create resources or helping to maintain College grounds. We encourage regular feedback from parents to promote a shared responsibility between College and home to provide expansive learning opportunities and high quality education. As a community we all have high expectations for our students, acknowledging that education is a partnership that involves three active parties; the student, the teacher and the family.


The staff at Wyndham Christian College are well educated and committed to providing engaging, innovative lessons. We enjoy taking core learning outside, connecting education to real-life situations such as using natural materials to build simple structures to explore angles, shapes and levers while also engaging in physical activity and improving social and emotional wellbeing. Our expansive 30 acre property provides this strong point of difference as our students and teachers have room to explore and create meaningful learning experiences.


While our students understand the importance of achievement, they appreciate that intelligence is not fixed, as a community we choose to celebrate growth. Our deeply relational approach is fundamental to the wellbeing and learning of our students. Whilst the ‘history’ of Wyndham Christian College is still quite young, the future is incredibly exciting.

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