Employment Vacancies

Wyndham Christian College aims to provide a caring and supportive work environment for all our staff.

We have the following job vacancies:

Wyndham Christian School is seeking a local business to provide canteen services guided by healthy food choices. We are open to the service commencing in November 2020 or at the beginning of the school year 2021.

Submissions can be lodged by delivering the tender to the College Executive team:

Executive Principal (Peter.Cliffe@hcc.vic.edu.au)

Head of Campus (Jennifer.trodden@wyndhamcc.vic.edu.au )


Learning Assistants play an important role in the support of students with additional needs. They enhance the student learning experience and help students reach their full potential. Learning Assistants work under the direction of a teacher and predominantly work with students who have additional needs, this includes students with neurological and learning disorders, physical disabilities and behavioural disorders. Learning Assistants work with students from Prep to Grade 6, both inside and outside the classroom. They support students by implementing a range of teaching and learning strategies such as one-on-one or small group instruction, co-operative learning, scaffolding, modelling and worked examples. They may also be assigned to a specific student that requires one-to-one support in a variety of areas.


Learning Assistants collaborate with the class teacher to reinforce classroom teaching. They assist students with organisation, social competence, accessing activities and appropriate behavior. The Learning Assistant may also undertake supervision of the class to enable the teacher to spend time supporting students who have additional needs.


We have positions available Monday-Friday during school hours (9-3pm).


Full Position Description here 


Applications are due: Monday 7 December, 4pm

In 2021 we plan to introduce two new languages to Wyndham Christian College, Hindi and French. Hindi will be offered to students from Prep-Grade 6. For students in Grade 3-6 we plan to give the students the option of studying Hindi or French.

For 2021 the position will only be for 2 x 50 minute periods per week, one combined Grade 3/4 class and one combined Grade 5/6 class.

Given the small teaching load we are open to the French teacher facilitating the French lessons on-line each week. We will provide a staff member to be on site in the classroom as the French teacher delivers the lessons on-line.

Applications are due: Wednesday 9 December, 4pm.

Click here for the full job description

Employment Queries

For any queries regarding employment at Wyndham Christian College, including CRT work, please click here to email us or phone (03) 8740 4770