House Competitions

Students enjoy participating and representing their House (Bethel, Carmel, Tabor, and Zion) in the House Cross Country event on our 30-acre property, as well as an Athletics carnival and Swimming lessons. Students who excel at these sporting events have the opportunity to compete against other schools at district level, regional and state SSV (School Sport Victoria) Championships.

Grade 3/4 Sport

Students Grade 3 and up are offered an extra lesson of Sport per week. These lessons focus around teamwork and the rules of sports. The aim of these lessons is to equip students with the skills and knowledge to compete in the local district Interschool Sport Competition for Years 5-6, but most of all to enjoy and learn something new.

During Terms 1 and 2 students learn Cricket, T-Ball, Basketball, and Hockey.

During Terms 3 and 4 students learn AFL, Soccer, Sofcrosse, Bat Tennis, and Volleyball.

Up and Go!

On Tuesday and Thursday mornings we begin the day with short burst fun physical rotations. During these activities we explore different skills like kicking, throwing, aiming and jumping. Exercise gets the blood flowing through our bodies and increases the amount of oxygen that gets to the brain. This increase helps students to prepare and focus for the day’s learning. This is also a great opportunity for teachers to enjoy time with students outside the setting of a classroom.