Executive Principal’s Welcome

A little of my history. I joined the staff of Heatherton Christian College (HCC) the year the school first opened in 1999 as one of the first primary school teachers. Prior to this, I spent 10 years in the Victorian state education system. I was appointed as the Principal of Heatherton Christian College in 2001.  This makes 2019 my 19th year as Principal and 21st as a staff member.

When I was first appointed Principal, Heatherton Christian College only had an enrolment of about 60 students and we had not yet commenced secondary education. Over the past 18 years, it has been a pleasure to lead Heatherton Christian College and to see the school flourish and grow into a thriving Prep-Year 12 school.

2019 saw a significant change in my role. With the launch of Wyndham Christian College (WCC) in 2019, my role is now Executive Principal over both Heatherton Christian College and Wyndham Christian College. I am supported in my role by two wonderful Head of Campuses at the Heatherton and Wyndham campuses-Mr Phil Eastman and Mrs Jennifer Trodden. Phil, Jen and I work extremely closely planning together for the future growth and development of both campuses. My role involves me spending part of the week at each campus.

I am passionate about Heatherton Christian College and Wyndham Christian College and absolutely love moving between the two campuses. The students, staff and school community each contribute towards creating a truly unique educational environment, all undergirded by a strong Christian foundation. There is something really special about both schools. The Lord is at the centre of HCC and WCC.

One of my greatest joys is leading the annual Year 12 missions’ trip to Thailand. I am a long-suffering St Kilda supporter, enjoy jogging and have completed three full Melbourne marathons.

I look forward to meeting with any parents interested in finding out more about our wonderful school.

Peter Cliffe
Executive Principal
B.Ed, Dip.Tch, M.Ed (L/ship)