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“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – William Butler Yeats

The Christ – Centred purpose of the Early Years team is to partner with parents and the church in raising and discipling children in a learning environment that develops character and inspires every student to excel in their unique gifts and talents to realise their God intended potential. Our curriculum promotes a sense of God in all things and biblical perspectives are integrated throughout all curriculum areas. Students are encouraged to learn through play, investigations, questioning, hands-on approaches and from their peers.


In Early Years, developing skills in literacy is fundamental across all learning areas and is reinforced by the use of Doorway into Practical Literacy (DIPL). This program focuses on developing skills in reading, writing, spelling, dictation, phonics, punctuation and grammar.


Reading is paramount in Early Years. Students are exposed to many different types of books and explore these in a variety of ways. Students have take-home readers, parents assist in a reading program, they read in small groups and to the whole class allowing them the opportunity to improve confidence, fluency and expression. They also gain an understanding of printed language and there is a strong emphasis on comprehension.


From the first day students arrive in Prep they have opportunities to express themselves in written form. As they progress towards the end of Grade 2 they will increasingly be able to write a correct sentence, begin to express themselves in paragraphs and create texts for different purposes.

Speaking and Listening

Appropriate speaking and listening skills are practiced throughout Early Years including tone, pace, eye contact, expression, projection etc. Share and Care is a formal opportunity for students to demonstrate and develop their skills.


Mathematics is a key curriculum focus in Early Years. Each year level experiences a range of teaching methods in individual, small group and whole class settings and time is dedicated to allowing students to develop their skills and understanding through investigation of topics using many concrete materials. Programs such as Signpost Maths, iMaths and IXL Online develop the skills required for problem solving and investigations and there is also an emphasis on students applying the skills learnt to solve everyday problems.


Science is a fun and interactive learning area where students develop an awareness of scientific concepts and explore these in practical ways through experiments and investigations. Science will appear as part of our Integrated Topics such as Weather, Minibeasts, Falling and Flying, Materials Matter and Let’s Make a Move. We have the opportunity to use an outdoor science lab to conduct lessons and experiments. Students are encouraged to discuss, describe, label, classify, communicate and represent their observations and experiences in ways which are meaningful to them.


In Early Years our Integrated Topics cover Geography and History and students are given opportunities to explore the world around them.

In History, students study personal, family and local history and gain an understanding of how things change over time. Some of the topics covered are: My Family, God Made Me Special, Toys and Olympic/Commonwealth Games.

In Geography, the students investigate where they live, their local community and their place in the world. Some of the topics covered are: Asia is Our Neighbour, People Who Help Me and My Community.

Specialist Learning Areas

Students will also begin taking classes in Physical Education, Art, Music, French, ICT, Christian Life and Perceptual Motor Program (PMP).