School garden

Our Origins

As we look to the future it is helpful to understand where we came from.

Heatherton Christian College (HCC) commenced in 1999 with just 27 students in two composite primary classes, a combined Prep/1 class and a combined Grade 2/3/4 class. HCC literally commenced in two rooms at the side of a church auditorium.

What we lacked in facilities we made up for with a dynamic passion for teaching and learning. In 1999 HCC only had two full time teachers and a volunteer Principal (Helen Cliffe). Helen had recently retired from teaching and came out of retirement, along with Pastor Ray Gilmour, to play a pivotal role in launching the school. HCC commenced out of a vision from the board of Kingston City Church (known then as Heatherton Christian Resource Centre).

The school grew rapidly in the early years and added a new year level each subsequent year progressing to Year 12 for the first time in 2007. Our first graduating Year 12 class in 2007, included many students who commenced at HCC in Grade 4 in 1999. One of the Grade 3 primary students at HCC in our first year, Penny Johnson, is currently a full-time primary teacher at HCC! Peter Cliffe, current Executive Principal of Heatherton Christian College and Wyndham Christian College was appointed as Principal of HCC half way through 2001. HCC had around 60 students at this stage and was preparing to launch secondary school in 2002.

HCC has now grown in to a thriving P-12 school. Our current teaching staff includes three former HCC students. The Lord has greatly blessed the school over the years, particularly through some significant grants to enable several high-quality building projects to be built; such as our gymnasium, café and industrial kitchen, and many specialist classrooms. However, the greatest legacy the school has is in discipleship. Students depart HCC, not only having received a high-quality academic education, but having been an environment that has fostered and stretched their faith.

In 2015 the board of Kingston City Church (KCC) entered in to discussions with the board of Wyndham City Church (WCC) about bringing their church under the umbrella of KCC. Wyndham City Church is located on a prime 30-acre site, situated in a fast-growing region of Melbourne where the need for new schools is great.

From 2015-2018 key leaders from KCC, particularly Pastor Dan Parker from KCC, embarked on a process of gaining the necessary approval to launch a new campus of HCC on the site of Wyndham City Church. Mid way through 2018 planning approval was finally obtained from Wyndham City Council to commence Wyndham Christian College in 2019. Jennifer Trodden was appointed soon after this to be the inaugural Head of Campus of Wyndham Christian College. Peter Cliffe moved in to the role of Executive Principal over both Heatherton and Wyndham Christian College. Jennifer and Peter devoted much of the second half of 2018 to preparing for the launch of Wyndham Christian College in 2019. Phil Eastman moved in to the role of Head of Campus of HCC in 2018.

On Thursday 31 January 2019, Wyndham Christian College opened with 100 students from Prep-Grade 4. This was a most exciting and memorable day. The vision of Wyndham Christian College is to grow in to be a large P-12 school of up to 1450 students. A master plan for the site has been developed to support this vision. Whilst the ‘history’ of Wyndham Christian College is still quite young, the future is incredibly exciting.